What Is The Relationship Between Bullying And Suicide?

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Bully, a verb. By dictionary definition it is when superior strength is used to influence and intimidate someone else. How can a five letter word cause so much pain for so many people? Bullying can happen to anyone and often does, according to the article "The Issue Of Bullying.", “I in 4 teens are being bullied” while a child is getting bullied every 7 minutes.” As often as it happens, it is common for it to go unnoticed or be brushed off. The effects and importance to stopping bulling has yet to sink into the minds of enough educators, parents, and peers. This is an epidemic that has grown over the years, and is being ignored because people aren’t standing up for the victims who are suffering from isolation, health issues, and suicide. …show more content…
In recent studied conducted by Yale University, individuals who are bulled are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide ("The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide). For one twelve year old, Tempest Smith, the constant bullying had gotten to be too much. Tempest’s mother told ABC News her daughter was the target for constant bullying since the second grade. Tempest would be pushed in line, her classmates would knock her belongings on the ground, and a group of people pretended to be Tempest’s friend just so they could come over and trash her room. Her mother was so fed up with the bullying her daughter was receiving she had planned on home schooling her daughter, but tragically Tempest had taken her own life. Tempest mother tried suing the school, but they claim they are nowhere at fault for the bulling her daughter received at school ("Tragic Consequences of Bullying in School."). Not everyone is successful in their suicide attempts. The CDC reports that for every one suicide there are twenty-five youths who attempted suicide. ("The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide”). How many more children have to suffer with being a victim of bullying until something is

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