Causal Argument Final Draft Essay

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Video Games: Pointing Fingers at the Wrong Cause
February 11, 2013

Video Games: Pointing Fingers at the Wrong Cause The significant increase in technology in recent years has caused the average American’s media exposure to skyrocket. People now have easy access to various forms of media, such as movies, videos, and video games, which promote violence and aggressive behavior. Because of the easy access to violent videogames, people have questioned if there is a correlation between the games and aggressive behavior. For example, within the last decade there have been school shootings; questions regarding the effects of violent video games have begun to rise. (Radford, 2008) Due to personal experience and a little research, I believe
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When it comes to violent media, Matt is very sheltered. However, Matt is a very violent child. Every time I come over to visit, Matt always asks me, “Wanna fight?” He then begins to provoke me into fighting with him. (Play fight of course.) But because I am much bigger than him, I don’t go along with it. Even though I don’t go along with it, he still tries to punch me. This boy is much more aggressive than Carlos, yet he is sheltered from violent videogames. I am a big “gamer” myself. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been playing videogames. I could go way back to the days when I would play Sonic on the Sega, followed by a few games on the NES. A high percentage of games I played involved hitting something, shooting something, killing something, or destroying something. The violent video games have been part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember. To me, they have not caused violent outbursts. They have been used solely for entertainment for me and for my friends. I’m not saying I’ve never been violent, I’m just saying that the games have not been the cause. I’ve been more violent when I was upset at my family. This leads me to another point: Aggressive behavior is not caused by video games. Instead, it is caused by other factors such as a poor quality of home. I do not live in a perfect world when it comes to my home. Like anyone else, there are problems at the house that cause me to get frustrated. I have never yelled at my mom after

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