Catherine Rodrigues As The Project Manager For A Project

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Register to read the introduction… Catherine has developed the project charter and scope statement for this project. . As part of the project charter, Catherine has fully identified the purpose and objectives of the project. She has worked with Fiction Corporation as to the agreed upon scope. Catherine has developed the project deliverables in a scope statement, identified and met with project customers and stakeholders, identified key roles and responsibilities, set up the organizational structure of the project, and identified any risk and assumptions. As project manager, Catherine’s first task will be to meet with key stakeholders and establish a multi-functional team to assist with the move. Representatives from IT operations, applications, and data network operations, facilities and human resources have been identified as key stakeholders. The project charter is reviewed, then signed and agreed and the planning will move into the planning phase. The project team will consist of the following …show more content…
The focus for project management is the analysis of project performance to determine whether a change is needed in the plan for the remaining project activities to achieve the project goals. In my experience, almost every project will require a change to the plan at some point in time. Tools and techniques that are used by project managers to conduct the Monitoring and Controlling of a project fall into one of four general categories. The first is the collection of project performance information. Techniques supporting this category are Pulse Meetings, Variance Reports, and Program Reviews. The second category is the analysis of the project performance to determine whether a project change is …show more content…
By executing the move in phases, the project can concentrate the least amount of critical factors at one time. Key to the plan's success were the availability of a T1 link between the two sites to support remote bridging and development of configurations for all the remote routers which would allow them to support both HQ sites simultaneously. (Network Unlimited, 1999). The communications plan developed states that project team will meet daily to discuss the daily plan, any needed assessments, and task activities for the day. The project will meet with the project stakeholders four times, once a week. The Planning Phase is complete.
The team now moves into the Execution phase of the project. The team has begun breaking the network move into multiple steps and moving only one data center router at a time, developing appropriate configurations for each step along the way, the various units dependent upon the data center could be moved independently. The network hardware moves and associated router reconfigurations were actually performed during the week, so that staff was available each weekend for moving application systems and testing could proceed without concern about incomplete or incorrect network migration. (Network Unlimited,

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