Essay on Catch Us If You Can

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by Catherine MacPhail

Synopsis (Chapter by Chapter)


Class : 5 AMANAH


Rory and his granda were at the clinic. It was time for Granda’s regular check-up. Mister McIntosh, Rory’s granda, took a puff of his pipe. They met a young girl with a baby. The baby’s name was Lorelei. Granda linked the name to some past films. Granda’s pocket was on fire and the smoke alarm in the clinic went off. Rory took a vase full of water and poured it on his granda. He managed to put out the fire. Rory’s actions upset his granda. Dr Nicol was Rory and his granda’s family doctor. Dr Nicol asked Rory about his granda’s condition, Rory assured the doctor that
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Just then, Granda’s coat was on fire. Darren’s dad put out the fire. Mrs Foley’s coat was also damaged in the fire as it was hung next to Granda’s. Granda smoked the pipe when he was in the toilet and had forgotten to put it out. The fre alarm went off and the caretaker ushered everyone out. Darren’s father put out the fire with a bucket if water. Rory classmates found the whole incident exciting and funny. Even Rory’s granda shared the same view.


Darren and all of Rory’s classmates were still talking about the fire on Parents’ Night. Darren’s mum felt that Rory was taking on too much responsibility for his age. She was concerned if the fire happened in the middle of the night. Rory, on the other hand, viewed the whole incident as an accident. He always hid his granda’s pipe to ensure that he did not smoke in the middle of the night. Val Jessup, a young social worker, was assigned to look into Rory’s case. Dr Nicol was the person who got Rory and his granda a social worker. Granda was not pleased with the idea of having a social worker. Rory was happy to finally get a home help who could look after his granda. Granda liked Val Jessup and said that she reminded him of Grace Kelly, a beautiful film star who turned into a princess. Both of them had fair hair. Rory informed Mrs Foley that they had a social worker and home help. Mrs Foley was pleased with this piece of news. During lunchtime, the baker informed Rory that something

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