Book Summary: Brothers Under A Same Sky

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earned from his jobs, Frank went back to America for a better job and life, hoping that one day he’ll be able to bring his family back to the land of opportunity.
Summary (Brothers Under a Same Sky) The book, “Brothers Under a Same Sky”, is written in multiple perspectives and has the setting jump from past to present. However, the main perspective the book is written in is through the eyes of Nam Ki. Born on a Wahiawa sugar plantation, Nam Ki lived with his mother and three siblings. He was “one Christian fanatic” and often brought embarrassment to his older brother, Nam Kun, when he openly discussed his faith. When drafted into the U.S. army, he went to Nam Kun for guidance. Believing that the war will toughen the “mama’s boy” up, Nam Kun
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Through this project, I was trying to send out the message that cultural identity doesn’t have as much as an impact when against reality and that a person’s cultural identity could change over time. Nam Ki was a very dedicated Christian before going into war, but in the book, it mentions that he became an atheist post-war. I used this information to write in the perspective Nam Ki may have had when he came back home from his trip to Pusan to find Margarete. Nam Ki’s experience in the war changed his cultural identity and had a big influence on his life. On the other hand, Frank, who didn’t experience what Nam Ki had gone through, urged Nam Ki to go back to church because he didn’t face the horrific reality of war.
By reading “Angela’s Ashes”, I learned that your background doesn’t necessarily determine who you are. Frank lived his entire childhood in poverty with a father who would come home late at night drunk, yet he strived to reach beyond the limitations that were forced upon him. Some of the questions I have for “Brother Under a Same Sky” are what exactly caused the tense relations between Nam Ki and Nam Kun, and who was the man who came to Nam Ki’s funeral? For “Angela’s Ashes”, I wonder what the mother means by saying that Frank has an “odd manner” like his

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