Essay on Catch A Thief By Alfred Hitchcock

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Released in 1955, To Catch a Thief was one of three films director Alfred Hitchcock produced within an eighteenth month period and was the result of a collaboration with rising screenwriter John Michael Hayes, whom he had previously worked with on Rear Window. Quickly written and produced, the film is about retired cat-burglar John Robie, who after being framed for a ring of jewel thefts in the French Riviera, seeks to find the real culprit, while evading the police and the romantic advances of Francie Stevens, the daughter of a potential, wealthy theft victim. In its dramatic structure, Hayes’ screenplay emphasizes the dual nature of the story–as Robie seeks to “catch” the real thief in spite of receiving written threats not to, he must also evade Francie–who seeks to “catch” a romantic partner in Robie and can report him to the police. During the early production of Rear Window, Hitchcock became intrigued by To Catch a Thief, a novel by David Dodge (DeRosa 90). The novel itself was inspired by a ring of jewel thefts in the French Riviera following World War II (Chandler 222) Interested in adapting the story of a retired cat-burglar who seeks to prove his innocence in a chain of robberies by finding the identity of the real thief to the screen, Hitchcock and Hayes began to conference about the screenplay. As an auteur, Hitchcock considered the visual aesthetic of To Catch a Thief–particularly the use of locations along the French Riviera–as Hayes wrote the script. However,…

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