Catch 22 By Joseph Heller Essay

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When Catch-22 was written in 1961 the book was an immediate success, selling 12,000 copies from the middle of October to Thanksgiving. (Wiki Catch-22) Catch-22 never made the New York Times Best Sellers List but it did keep selling. By 1963 the book had sold over a million copies and was a huge success in the United States along with Great Britain. (Wiki Catch-22) So why would schools across the United States want to take this great American Novel away from their children? This book is a very truth unfolding story about the struggles and problems soldiers face. Catch-22 was written by Joseph Heller and when originally published has been reissued numerous times in paperback, hardcover, leather bound, and even on audio cd’s and cassette tapes. The storyline is based on many men of a platoon on a Mediterranean island. The main character is a successful Air Force bomber named John Yossarian. He used to be the best. Yossarian never missed, he hit his target and kept his flight group safe in the air. He truly was the best. Then he went through a change. Yossarian came face to face with the pointlessness of the war. Everyone was trying to kill everyone for no reason and he didn’t understand that. Yossarian began to no longer care. He would go to the hospital and fake illnesses and injuries to get out of assigned missions and chances of being killed. He would also go up for missions and not even drop his bombs. His theory was that as long as someone hit and destroyed the target,…

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