Theme Of Deception In Julius Caesar

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Cassius and Marc Antony: Power of Deception
Throughout Julius Caesar, the power of persuasion and deception is used as a catalyst for conflict, as well as peacekeeping. Cassius and Marc Anthony’s respective uses of deception are used in extremely similar ways through principle, however their motives are very different. In this essay, I will demonstrate how Cassius deceives Brutus for his own personal agenda, while Marc Antony deceives the angry mob to subside conflict and change the mob’s outlook on Caesar’s legacy.
Cassius needs somebody to murder Caesar for his own goals, and he uses Brutus as a scapegoat. Brutus’ main concern is the safety and well-being of Rome and its people. In order to deceive him, Cassius must convince Brutus that
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He speaks as if Caesar had personally written the will, making it much more emotionally stimulating for the audience listening. He touches them personally, providing fake examples of all of the prizes and possessions Caesar was promising to give to his loyal citizens, and all of the gifts and pleasure he was to shower upon them. Marc Antony is creating a false image of Caesar, to draw guilt from the mob audience in front of him. He plays on the guilt of the mob, insinuating that they had collectively murdered an innocent man, who not only was humble …show more content…
Attacking Caesar’s reputation as well as Brutus’ lineage is used as provocation. Cassius’ mission is to kill Caesar, and therefore must stir up as many negative connotations revolving around Caesar as possible. Marc Antony’s motives are a mirror image of Cassius’. He pleads to the mob that Caesar was instead a great man, who wanted nothing but happiness and prosperity for his people. Motivated by a need to quell the conflict, Marc Antony deceives the mob to believe in a fake will by Caesar, promising them many gifts that were allegedly left to the people by Julius himself. Cassius’ motive was to murder and harm, while Marc Antony resorted to deception as a final effort to stop the

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