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Declan Dixon, director of marketing for Warner-Lambert Ireland (WLI), examined two very different sales forecasts as he considered the upcoming launch of Niconil®, scheduled For January 1990. Niconil was an innovative new product that promised to help the thou-sands of smokers who attempted to quit smoking each year. More commonly known simply as "the patch," Niconil was a transdermal skin patch that gradually released nicotine into the bloodstream to alleviate the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.
Now in October of 1989, Dixon and his staff had to decide several key aspects of the product launch. There were different opinions about how Niconil should be priced and in what quantities it would
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• Smoking as en Addiction
Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco contained nico-tine, a substance that induced addictive behavior. Smok-ers first developed a tolerance for nicotine and then, over time, needed to increase cigarette consumption to main-tain a steady, elevated blood level of nicotine. Smokers became progressively dependent on nicotine and suf-fered withdrawal symptoms if they stopped smoking. A craving for tobacco was characterized by physical symp-toms such as decreased heart rate and a drop in blood pressure, and later could include symptoms like faint-ness, headaches, cold sweats, intestinal cramps, nausea, and vomiting. The smoking habit also had a psychologi-cal component stemming from the ritualistic aspects of smoking behavior, such as smoking after meals or in times of stress.
" Since the- 1950s, the-ill effects of smoking had been researched and identified. Smoking was widely recog-nized as posing a serious health threat. While nicotine was the substance within the cigarette that caused addic-tion, it was the tar accompanying the nicotine that made smoking so dangerous. Specifically, smoking was a pri-mary risk factor for ischaemic heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic pulmonary diseases. Other potential dan-gers resulting from prolonged smoking included bron-chitis, emphysema, chronic sinusitis, peptic ulcer disease, and for pregnant women, damage to the fetus.
Once smoking was recognized as a health risk,

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