Cashty Bill Pay Case Study

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5 Reasons all Utility Companies need Cashtie Bill Pay
In a world filled with technology, one would tend to believe that the majority of bill payment transactions are completed online. This is simply not the case and it is surprising to discover the amount of transactions that are completed in person.
The majority of these transactions are related to monthly utility bills, such as water and electricity as well as monthly wireless payments. Paying these items in person is rather bothersome for consumers. Typically, this requires that the customer travels to multiple locations in order to care for their monthly obligations.
However, there is a product that can greatly change the process that customers go through to make these payments; Cashtie. This is a unique system that
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Now, instead of being forced to travel to multiple locations, they will have the opportunity to process payments for all of their monthly obligations in one convenient location.
They will also be able to enjoy the added benefit of being able to pay quickly and anonymously without the fear that their payment will not be accepted. They will be able to make payments by cash or credit card, which offers even more convenience to the customers.
It 's Easy
Finally, one of the best benefits for this system is the ease in which transactions are completed and processed. With the barcode being printed directly on the monthly bill, customers are able to easily pay at any retail setting. They simply present the bill, which is scanned as if it were any other type of product. They are not forced to provide a great deal of information to the cashier and will quickly be on their way.
This revolutionary system is a fantastic option for utility companies, but can also be a great benefit for other businesses as well. It is definitely something to consider if your company is one that process monthly payments for customers on a routine

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