Pooch Palace Case Study

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Functional Requirements
The Figure below shows the Use Case Diagram of Pooch Palace's web app. There are 6 actors: SysAdmin, Manager, Attendant, Customer, Payment Processing Service, and Live Video Processing System.
Managers have all capabilities of an Attendant, plus extra abilities like creating new services and viewing business metrics.
Payment Processing System handles payments from stored credit card and POS System, and provides the information to system to store.

SysAdmin exists solely to create/delete employee accounts, as well as delete customers.

Customers have lower permission than employees. They schedule reservations for services, and have dogs.

Attendants are employees who handle front desk and general employee responsibilities, like checking dogs in and out and receiving
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View Livestream: Online customers can view a livestream of the day-care if they have a dog in day-care, and e-collar dogs can be tracked and zoomed in on. Time spent on an e-collar dog is limited, and owners will be put in a queue in a "first past the post" system. All video/dog location data is provided by the Live Video Processing System.

Add New Dog: Customers can add a new dog profile, but will be limited to providing only a name and breed until the dog is verified.

Receive "Golden Paw" Promotion: Done automatically after a certain number of hours defined by the manager and tracked by the system per dog profile, a customer's dog will be eligible for exclusive promotions, discounts, and special accommodations, made available to attendants viewing "Golden Paw" dogs.

Payment Processing System
Log Payments: Payments made by customers are logged to Cloud Host with a timestamp and what services were used to generate bill.

Store Credit Card Information: Credit Card information used is stored in

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