Observation And Violent Behaviour Of Students In The Classroom

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Question 1:
If you have a student who is inattentive in class and is not participating in group work, and yet is able to pass his class tests, how can you help his learning problems and turn him into an active learner in class.
With reference to relevant educational/psychological theories/principles, explain the strategies used to help the student.
There are few factors to consider for the student to be in attentive and not participating in group work.
1) The student could be bored with the lesson conducted in the class. The reason could be teaching in the same routine for example, going through text book for that chapter then, giving the class worksheets or workbook task to complete. At the end of the lesson collect the completed work.
2) As
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How can you maintain dignity and direct other students to focus on their studies while you try to calm and manage the unruly student.
How can parents be involved in helping the students to develop acceptable social behaviour?
No matter which level a teacher teaches, there will be a student who is rude and even have a violent behaviour in class. To main the teacher’s dignity and direct other student to focus on their studies while trying to stay calm and manage the unruly student, there are few ways for a teacher to adhere depending on the nature of the problem.
- Call out the student’s name calmly and firmly with an eye contact so that he might stop being rude and behaving violently in the class.
- Request the student to stop behaving with minimal words.
- If several warnings persist, occupy the class with task and ask the misbehaving student to speak with you outside class. Rationalise with the student about his behaviour and the consequences. In this way, it is easier to find the root cause of his action, is it influence by outside peers or wants to get attention in the
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Some students even play truant to play computer games or get into debt from buying expensive games.
How may you and your school advice students from getting into the gambling trap and neglect their studies and future.
In Singapore there are several gambling preventive programmes/organisation available to help students in school and home as well.
One of the programmes is youth gambling prevention roadshow. This program me warns the youth dangers of gambling. It is flexible that can be used as locally produced docudrama, an assembly talk, poster display and after school or during recess interactive activities.
During assembly, the school could get someone who has recovered from gambling share his/her life experiences to the students. After the activities, the students are given a post-programme survey to find how well these gambling prevention activities reached to them. So that the programme can be improve for better for students
The school can arrange to conduct a lesson during curriculum time educating in gambling prevention. They can prepare resources by showing short video clips of gambling consequences, PowerPoint slides presentation and group activity works. This helps the students to get interested to learn and be involved in discussion of gambling and be aware of the

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