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“Disneyland” Case study

How does Disneyland produce the “Disneyland Experience” in the United States? Firstly, the theme in Disneyland is the total contrast of the American daily life. It claims the focus on play, festive, clean, warmth, and child and safe which makes people forget the heavy work, adult’s life, the dangerous and cold living environment. Disney is built to be the happiest place in the world without nay decay, crime, confusion. Secondly, the Disneyland is designed as a complex of movie center, carnival, tourist site, shopping mall, state fair, museums and so on. People could enjoy different experiences in Disneyland. All characteristics are made by imagination and without any cultural boundaries. People
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Moreover, Tokyo Disneyland has enlarged its size near the international airport and builds many hotels which make it more convenient for customers to play and rest, this action has attracted many guests from Asian countries. Tokyo Disneyland has achieved a great success, but the Disneyland in US fails to take the absolute control. The Oriental Land gets the largest share of the park’s revenue and all the profits from the adjacent development related with Tokyo Disneyland, such as hotels. There are other dates shows that Tokyo Disneyland is developing far more away from the original model than the corporate line indicates. Therefore, Disney should hold more positions in the future and remain the original models.

Why was Euro Disney so troubled? What went wrong? What would you have recommended to Disney in 1994 as they faced the challenges of turning around the renamed “Disneyland Paris?” French government insisted that the Disneyland Paris should have some “decided French touches”. Ironically, French is relatively close with America, but as for running the Disneyland in France has been faced more cultural sensibility than in Japan. The Disney had talked with Spain as well about the business, but Spanish city Barcelona is less competitive than Paris which has more convenient transportation to attract tourists. In addition, when Disney began its construction, it made another mistake to the high expenses which are against its

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