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Marketing Management and Planning Module 7


Prepared by: Group D

Robert Walker
Ladan Jalali
Liang Chen
Harinder Kaur Balaji

July 23, 2010

Table of Contents 2
Problem Statement 3
Situation Analysis 3 Background 3 Objectives and Goals 3 Current Situation 3 Henerson Bas Process 3 SWOT Analysis 4 Market Analysis 5 Segment Analysis 5 Competition Analysis 6 Financial Analysis 6
Case Keys 7 Key success factors 7 Key uncertainties 7
Alternative 7
Alternative Analysis 9
Recommendations 9
Action Plan 10
Contigency Plan 10

Problem Statement:
Louisa Morgan needs to Set a price and service level for advertising campaign for Halpernia Industry
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Creative design team presented their proposal of website and media design to Halpernia representatives after two weeks. Although design had been based on the agreed strategic direction, Halpernia representatives rejected the design and requested the whole creative concept redone without bringing any specific reason or incompatibility with strategic document. Since Halpernia Industries is a globally recognized brand that could potentially become Henderson bas’ largest client, Henderson Bas strategy was maintaining a good relationship with them. Now Louisa Morgan needs to concern whether she should charge Halpernia for the time and effort spent in rejected proposals while providing quality service to meet client's satisfaction upon Halpernia’s third request of creative design free of charge.

Henderson Bas Process
Henderson Bas followed step by step process in order to satisfy client’s needs. This process summarized as below:
Need definition: establish preliminary needs (project scope, length and requirement) through meeting sessions between account manager and client`s representatives
Strategic arrangement: account manager and strategy team meet client representatives to set strategy direction and client sign off
Creative proposal: present creative vision and output to client representative for getting feedbacks
Draft presentation: presentation of draft of final deliverables and getting

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