Case Study Three Quiz Question Essay

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Case Study Three Quiz Question As a beginning teacher in a community that has seen a large influx of immigrants from Asia and Latin America over the past decade, it is important to note that the classroom demographics are reflective of this change. Additionally, it is significant to recognize that community is working to integrate the new immigrants into the community and is looking to the school as a resource to assist with this integration. Furthermore, the local community center is working with families to assist them in learning English and computer technology. Now tasked with teaching both long-time resident students and immigrant students from Asia and Latin America there several important fundamental principles to consider.
For the teacher to foster parental involvement in their child’s education, a relationship of trust must be constructed. This begins with the teacher understanding the cultural attitudes some families may have towards schooling, and working to building a bridge with them. It is vital that the family recognizes the teacher has the students best interest at heart. This is done through reliable and consistent communication from the teacher. Additionally, the family must have confidence that the teacher has integrity and is truthful in their interactions with them. Finally, the teacher must understand that trust is built over time and takes precedent over all other things. Steps that the teacher may take to ensure that trust is built…

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