Case Study: The Johnson Family

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The Johnson family was referred to this agency for treatment because of fighting, misbehavior and angry outbursts in the home between the family members.

The family is of African-American decent and consist of the biological aunt and foster-mother, Vanessa Johnson (age 45) who is single and now works at a local charter school. She left home at 18 years old and joined the Army. She was also the only member of her family to get away from a life of poverty. Vanessa is very religious, attends church every Sunday and is active in church activities and the community. She appears to be of average height and weight and reports no previous treatment or health issues.

Vanessa Johnson is taking care of her niece, Tanisha (age 16) who arrived in the home at the age of 11. Tanisha has known learning disabilities, is 2 years behind in school, and is receiving special education services. Her nephew, Jermaine (age 10) has lived in the home since the age of 5. There is no known active involvement by the children’s father. Vanessa’s biological daughter Michelle, is now 22 years old and pregnant with her first child. She lives with her boyfriend who is the baby’s father.
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Vanessa had little contact with her younger sister (the children’s mother) after she left home for the army. After learning the news of her sister’s death, she was concerned for the children. It has been reported that the children’s mother died of unknown causes. She was an active IV drug user/abuser. It was suspected that the children’s mother contracted HIV and as a result died of

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