Case Study : Supply Chain Management System Essay

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Supply Chain Management System
Interorganizational information systems (IOS) are information systems that connect two or more organizations. IOS support many interorganizational operations, the best known IOS is supply chain management. The supply chain of an organization describes the flow of materials, information flows, and the financial flows. The main function of a supply chain management is to manage the flows of products, services, and information among the other organizations. An example of the supply chain management is Wal-Mart Retail Link System connecting suppliers to Wal-Mart (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). The article Returns Management in the Supply Chain by Anna Maria Jeszka takes a look at the supply chain and the effects the reverse logistics, or the returns of merchandise by customers has on retail chains. The research method that was used in this business research was exploratory and empirical research. The exploratory research method is important because it helps define a new problem or question. This research method can also be used to determine concept testing. This is important because it relates to the releasing of new products on the market. Empirical research is based more upon reality. It proves the theory with both direct and indirect forms of observation and analysis. Doing an empirical research study will prove your theory and show that it is more than an educated guess but also a fact (Research Info, 2013). The reason behind this exploratory…

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