Kaizen Approach Case Study

In the present period of competition, every firm is aiming to improve services and enhance customer loyalty through quality, minimal costs, saving time, meeting deadlines, and less risk of long term investment. Application of Kaizen approach has been effective in enhancing supply chain by eliminating inefficiencies. Kaizen approach is a Japanese approach that focuses on continued improvements. It is products focused and rely on the principle of improving a process over time to eliminate inefficiencies and improve service delivery (Gunasekaran, Patel, & McGaughey, 2004 p. 11). Supply chain management deals with the supply side of a business. An effective supply chain maximizes customer values and company can gain competitive advantage. According …show more content…
The kaizen approach has been applied in manufacturing companies such as Toyota and GE. There is a need to assess the effectiveness of kaizen approach in supply chain management. A lot of emphasis on the Kaizen approach is put on manufacturing companies. However, it is also important to assess how the kaizen approach has been applied in supply chain management and specifically focus on how it has eliminated inefficiencies. Evaluate how. It looks at how the application of kaizen approach in companies where a supply chain is crucial such as retail companies will enhance customer services and deliver products faster at low costs.
Research Questions
The research question will revolve around the effectiveness of kaizen approach. They will show the measures used to evaluate the effect of kaizen approach on improving efficiencies in supply chain
• How has the kaizen approach cut costs in supply chain management?
• How has the Kaizen approach tightened inventory controls?
• Are products being delivered faster and without delay of any
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The main aim will be to identify the effect of Kaizen in improving inefficiencies in supply chain. The research will focus on showing how Kaizen approach will enhance efficiency is supply chain. It will use components of supply chain such as product delivery, making of orders, distribution, storage, and inventory. It will assess the amount of costs that company cuts by applying the Kaizen approach (Lamming, 1996 p.22). It will assess the increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction by reviewing customer feedback once Kaizen approach is implemented in

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