Woody2000 Case Study Project Management Essay

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Note: any other work or activity not mentioned in the scope above will not be considered as a part of the project

Benjamin Franklin once said that
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.
Starting from this quote, we can tell that woody The Woody2000 had no plan to start with,
Moneysworth, neither involves the stakeholders in the planning process, he only depends (EID) to do the cost estimation; nor includes the procurement team in costs and contract . The selections of contractors were done without any benchmarking; in this case, the best way is to find tenders and then choose the best one with reasonable quote that can fit for the project. The Project Management Life Cycle “PMLC”would’ve been tool managing
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In Life cycle costing we must select the best proposal offered by different companies which has the least long term ownership and in the case 2000 it was only for 18months which would not play an important part for the project. In the case of woody2000 the person responsible for the cash inflows and outflows kept all the information about cash to himself
There could be two reasons for keeping the information secret;
1. It could be high confidentiality of the documents that need to be kept secret or other companies might steal the idea of the estimation it would impact on the future of the company. Also it could be away to not allow the employees to know about the cash flow because they may choose different company and reveal the information.
2. May be he thinks the confidentiality is part of his responsibility by not sharing the information, also in case something goes wrong, he can always adjust it by himself knowing that the project is not handle in the right path, and it will requires adjustment or the cashman could be selfish and keeping some of amount of money for his personal

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