Case Study: Parents Caring For A Child With A Mental Disorder

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Parents Caring for a Child with a Mental Disorder
Parents caring for a child with a mental disorder can experience the phenomenon of psychological stress (Dyson, 1997; Manning, Wainwright, & Bennett, 2011; McStay & Trembath, 2014; Paynter, Riley, Beamish, Davies, & Milford, 2013; Wolf, Noh, Fisman, & Speechly, 1989). A mental disorder is an impairment in psychological or behavioural tendencies, which may cause a person to show disruptive, violent or harmful behaviour to themselves or others (American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), 2000). These behavioural characteristics are typical of children with mental disorders and this behaviour may challenge parental coping skills (Farmer, Burns, Angold, & Costello,
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A selected review on stress interventions by Hastings and Beck (2004) indicated that although other strategies may have succeeded in reducing psychological stress, cognitive behavioural intervention has had the most recognition and support for intervening with stress (Hastings & Beck, 2004). Furthermore, a reasonable number of studies on psychological stress have indicated positive outcomes for treatment with cognitive behavioural group interventions (Granath, Ingvarsson, Von, & Lundberg, 2006; Greaves, 1997; Lopez, Antoni, Penedo, Weiss, Cruess, Segotas, Helder, Siegel, Klimas, Fletcher, 2011; Marriot, Donaldson, Tarrier, & Burns, …show more content…
Social support may be available to individuals in various forms. Psychologically, it may be delivered through information (Cobb as cited in Cohen and Mckay, 1984), which may impact cognitive and emotional thoughts on stress (Cohen and Mckay, 1984). There is a possibility that individuals receiving group based intervention, may be subjected to social support through information exchanged with each other. This exchange of support may occur despite their social support ties outside the context of group intervention or despite a conscious or unconscious attempt to receive support. Currently there is little insight into this social support aspect while receiving psychological stress intervention in a group. In order to shed more light on social support and psychological stress, this paper will consist of a review of psychological stress, theoretical basis for selected psychological intervention, as well as a review of social support through the psychological perspective on

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