Animal Cruelty Research Paper

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Bernie Ann Garillo
Mrs. Parham
Research Paper
08 November 2017
Pain and Misery in the Animal Kingdom Approximately a million animals suffer through experimentations each year and end up dead (“How Many Animals are Used”). Animal experimentation is when animals go through examination to determine the effects that a product has on humans. Different types of animals, such as rats, mice, hamsters, and cats, are put into cramped cages when waiting for their turn. These animals appear for experiments whether they are healthy or not. During testing, the poor living organisms experience pain, misery and sometimes death. Each test is for health care, cosmetics, and for studying the human body. Animal experimentation causes animals to suffer and the
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Human cells and tissues must be present to conduct an experiment for humans. Vitro research allows “simplification of the system or disease under study, allowing the investigator to focus on a small number of components” (“Animals in Science”). The vitro research contains live human cells making research more accurate than using animal cells. Human volunteers give up their cells for research assisting the collection of accurate results. Henrietta Lacks death causes researchers to steal her cells for studying and developing treatments for “herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia and Parkinson’s disease, and they’ve been used to study lactose digestion, sexually transmitted diseases, appendicitis, human longevity, mosquito mating, and the negative effects of working in sewers” (“Animals in Science”). Mrs. Lacks’s cells are HeLa cells that give researchers a way to test and experiment on different diseases. Her cells helps create new medication and treatments to combat many diseases out in the world today. Vitro testing impacts our lives today making animal research not the only …show more content…
Using animals for research appears to be a choice for there are other alternative methods of testing. Other methods using technology research are available to provide data for drug development and experimentation. Poor animals that appear for experimentation do not have to sit through misery and pain any longer if animal experimentation were illegal. As a society, observe the importance of going cruelty-free by educating each other with alternative methods for experimentation in order to prevent animal harm in

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