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Sun Pat Brand Report
This study revolves around a particular brand in the United Kingdom. The name of this brand is Sun-Pat, a delicious peanut butter for the customers. The emphasis of this study is to elaborate the current issues in the competitive food market, related to this brand along with some good and workable solution for the company. This is necessary for an organization to create the brand values through effective strategies and adaptation of the new marketing trends to make the difference for a long run. The food market is competitive in the country, which may compel the company to contain some strategic considerations to sustain the growth is well.
• The Problem The success and growth of the Sun-Pat are not up to
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If the company goes towards the change, this is tough to convert people, as they have already different substitutes in the market. Obviously, there will not any compromised on quality and pricing, which may also take much time. Another problem is the cost of advertisement and promotion, as the management will have to invest heavily on both, traditional and social media channels.
The product imitation, cost of shifting, loss of trust, lack of interest, wrong pace, and lack of insights are the real threats regarding the Sun-Pat brand.
The most challenging thing is to remarket the brand in the competitive market. Re-branding is not a big deal for the company. However, this is tough to come up with a different message for the customers, which can attract them and boost their motivation to make the buying decisions.
• The Business Context
Current market Trends This differentiation has been emerged as a current market trend, especially in the food market. This is a fact that the companies use to depict the differentiation through the packaging, designing, pricing, eye-catching luxury, and the intense product line. Also, another prominent trend is regarding the penetration in the market, as different organizations, in the food industry are penetrating to build the brand image than consider the high
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In the diversification process, the company has to rebuild its new brand image in the presence of the other brands. Due to the imitation process and differentiation from the competitors, the brand reputation may be impaired. To eliminate this issue, the regarding process is a good idea for the company to sustain the image and regain the brand reputation. Also, the management of the company can also rebrand to change the brand portfolio (Johnson, 2016). The company may change the features or include the diverse range of line for the customers. Thus, the rebranding may help the company to come up with the full description and understanding for the customers. Overall, the top four reason of the rebranding process are the ownership change, change on the strategy, changing the competitive position and change in the business environment. In the end, concluding the rebranding reasons, this is necessary for the management to rebrand the Sun-Pat, as there is a need of the strategy for the diverse and competitive business environment. The brand cannot be sustained with the same intentions for a long run (Wheeler, 2012).

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