Case Study Of Vincor International Inc. Essay examples

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Introduction Vincor International Inc. (Vincor) is ranked among the largest companies specializing in the production and marketing of wine in North America. It has many outlet wineries in Canada and the U.S. Since its inception, the company has grown immensely both domestically and internationally. The growth is attributed to the development and marketing of the company’s major brand of Inniskillin Ice-wine. Roger Provost is behind the international success of Inniskillin Ice-wine, which relied on the exclusive distribution channels. However, the recent takeover of the company by Constellation Brands Inc. threatens the exclusive distribution channel and originality of the Inniskillin Ice-wine brands. This paper presents a case study on the appropriate distribution channel that Roger needs to pursue in maintenance and expansion of Ice-wine market and the efforts he needs to take in encouraging Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) board to preserve Canadian Ice-wine.
Case study Before becoming a subsidiary of Constellation Brands Inc., Vincor relied on the exclusive distribution channel to conquer various international markets such as the Asia-pacific (China, Japan and Malaysia among others), the United States (U.S) and European wine markets (Ojala, 2009). Exclusive distribution channel is a complex type of selective distribution whereby, the company markets or controls the sales of its products via a designated distributor or retailer in specific localities. In the context of…

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