Case Study Of The Red Clay Power Structure

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Red Clay Power structure
The company top pinnacle of authority is the chief executive officer, who is also the chairperson of the Board of Directors, and owns a 25% share. Second in authority is the chief finance office, who is a member of the board of directors, and also owns a 25% share. There are five other members of the board of directors who include the chief operating officer, the director of architecture and construction services, the director of information technology services, the director of human resource and the director of marketing and media. There is an IT committee that has five governors, who are responsible for the company’s information technology resources, and its operations and management. The individuals are abbreviated
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Investors demand to see the Annual Report to Investors every year and details of any risk that can impact the company’s financial economy changes is disclosed in the report. In this specific year, the cyber security concerns were scripted in the report (Red Clay Renovation Case Study, n.d.). Concerns include the fear of cyber attacks that could affect the company’s business, disruptions in the company’s computer systems that could also affect the company’s business majorly, and the liability clause that makes the company responsible for damages, if a third party equipment is recommended and installed to one of their client’s property (Fenz, Goluch, Ekelhart, Riedl, & Weippl, …show more content…
The standards assist the organization in managing their financial information, employees’ details, the intellectual property or any information that is presented to the organization by a third party (Humphreys, 2008). The company is not fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 requirements, and the case has presented the major security concerns, mostly, the fact that the company is liable to damages due to the company’s recommendation or installation of a third party system in the client’s premises. The family of standards requires the company to comply with NIST-SP 800 requirements, in order to be in the right side of the ISO requirements (Red Clay Renovation Case Study,

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