Case Study Of The 1988 Kanabec County Disappearances

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In 2012 a friend of mine said “there were 10 people that went missing in the summer of 1988 here in Kanabec county.” Kanabec county, Minnesota is the county I grew up in. I will not name the town I grew up in to protect my identity. I talked to a deputy at the Kanabec county sheriff 's office about the disappearance 's of 1988. The deputy told me I should talk to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I called the BCA and asked them and they refuse to talk about it. I sent them a Freedom of Information Act request and they sent me a couple of documents. The documents contained police reports, witness interviews, name of the locations, name of the investigator 's, and a transcript. The BCA threatened legal action if I use real names of the people involved. all the names in this post have been changed. I spent the last 4 years investigating the 1988 Kanabec county disappearance 's. …show more content…
College students 23 year old Owen Klencory, 19 year old Natalia Johnson, and 20 year old Ethan Williams. They were out celebrating the Memorial day weekend on Knife Lake. Knife Lake is a 1,266 acre lake about 74 miles north of Minneapolis. Owen and Natalia were engaged and were going to get married on June 12th 1988. The night of the 27th at about 11:30 p.m. Ethan, Owen, and Natalia were sitting around a campfire and having a good time. A man wearing a red and black coat walked into their campsite.
“Have you seen my dog?” the mysterious guy asked
“No we have not seen a dog.” Owen

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