Community Center Observation

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After a brief tour through the center, it’s clear to see why there are often dozens of names on the waiting list months in advance for enrollment at the center. Play and Learn at Community Place feels open, warm, and inviting, from the colorful art and photos of the children adorning the walls lining the hallways, to the walls of information for parents related to the center, its philosophy, and its staff. The staff are knowledgeable, and educated in their craft. Each staff member has their own skills and talents to bring to the table. The director’s office is conveniently located directly next to the front door of the establishment, with the assistant director’s office just a few feet further down the hall. Children in the various classrooms …show more content…
The children were finishing their morning snack as I arrived. It was about 9:30 in the morning, and the kids were told to pick a book and go to the circle time carpet before their morning meeting. Holly appeared to be all smiles, she greeted me as I came in, having familiarized herself with me a bit by then, and chatted with her classmates as she munched on her cereal and applesauce. After getting cleaned up, and reluctantly getting a fresh diaper, Holly managed to open the low-lying door leading into the classroom from the outside, in the hallway. She let the door swing shut behind her, and walked over to the carpet when the majority of her classmates were sitting, laying, or standing with a book or several books. Some students had also picked up dolls, and stuffed animals, and brought them over to the carpet as well. Holly walked toward the circle time carpet, arrived at the carpet, then stopped abruptly. She looked over at the toys and discovery center across the classroom, paused a moment, then walked into the center – a particular portion of the classroom sectioned off by shelves, containing bins of various toys, like Legos,

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