Case Study Of Google Flights

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• Distance and time are key factors in driving people to buy flight tickets. The longer the distance and the more limited time slot, the greater the likelihood that consumers choose to travel by air.

• According to the interviewee, in terms of relative short-distance travel, a price gap of 30 to 40 dollars between bus tickets and flights tickets perhaps will has a certain impact on people’s choices.

• Fast, energy saving, time saving, and more expensive are linked together as impressions of airlines. By and large, consumers believe that the more they pay, the better service they deserve.

• Consumers like comparing prices and finding a good budget for themselves. My interviewee use Google Flight as her flight ticket information
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The reason he thinks so is the fact that Google Flights only redirect consumers to the original websites who provides the tickets information. Google Flights doesn’t sale flight tickets directly to consumers.

o Information on Google Flights is more updated. My interviewee met with problems like “after she found a cheap price on the other flight ticket information website, such as the Skyscanner, she was redirected to a website which has already increased the price of the same ticket”. However, Google Flights never provides outdated price information to her.

o Google Flights was recommended by her friends and all her friends around her evaluate Google Flights as a perfect flight ticket information website.

o Google Flights provides consumers with more tickets options and flights information, such as the cabin facilities, than the other OTAs and official websites of Airlines.

• One significant reason my interviewee thinks why she doesn’t have loyalty to a certain airline is that she identifies herself as a traveller who doesn’t travels frequently. She thinks only a frequent may benefit from credits brought by airline companies. But as for a traveller who merely travel occasionally, the cheapest ticket is always the best
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Three major problems stop him from trying this airline once more: (1) Aviation delay is normal (2) Attitude of flight crews is awful (3) the version of airplanes is old.

• My interviewee feels like all the flight ticket booking websites are almost the same, except for different prices they offered. As for JetBlue’s website, she thinks JetBlue’s website offers similar functions and similar user experience as the same type of websites. In other words, JetBlue’s official website is not that unique than its competitors.

• My interviewee learnt about JetBlue by being recommended by her friends. They identify JetBlue as the best airline among low cost airlines. Even though JetBlue’s tickets are not always the cheapest one, the service they provided, such as an exclusive waiting lounge, ranks the top among low cost airlines.

• According to my interviewee and her friends, choosing JetBlue is a cool life style among them. People don’t consider passengers who take JetBlue as stingy

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