Gapminder Case Study: Trendalyzer

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Gapminder is a non-profit venture that provides free statistics in visual forms of animated bubble chart, bubble map and mountain chart known as Trendalyzer. The Gapminder team creates surveys online using the survey software called SurveyGizmo to collect their data. It helped portray the data in a way that enable users to understand without being confused by the complicated conventional lines and bar graphs. Users can access the data straight from the website or download an offline version into their computer for convenience purpose. Gapminder data types ranged from health issues to economic relations. Category of data sets included economy, education, energy, environment, health, population, society, work. These are main categories that contained multiple subsets that covered specific topic.
Users can access to the chart by clicked the “Gapminder world” section located on top of the page. There are preset variables that users could use for the X axis and Y axis. The data of each country presented in a bubble form and the country’s population determined the radius of the bubble. Next to the graph on the
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There could also be a relationship between an economy in recession and the decline of a person’s mental health. The question I want use Gapminder to answer is does Total GDP influent the country suicidal rate? Could worry and stress from economic issue lead to suicide? Three countries as the focus regions for my question: Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. A brief definition of suicide rate is the number of deaths from suicide and intentional self-harm (per 100 000 people). Using the total GDP of each country versus the number of suicide compared to that given year to draw a conclusion. The collected data were from 1960 to 2005, which mean there about 45 years of data that could help portrayed the potential relation between the two

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