Case Study Of Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Question 1. For your chosen organization, discuss how CSR is utilized as part of marketing strategy (One way of approaching this would be to examine the role of CSR in the marketing mix elements)

1 CSR Marketing strategy in Colgate
The CSR is a business tool that taken directly on increasingly better organized of firms and creating value impact on their customers base on social responsibility (Kiessling T et al. 2016). The aim of the organization in terms of social responsibility is improving the positive aspects of social, shareholders and employee (Davis 2016). In the background of the company, Colgate-Palmolive Company is a global manufacturer and supplier of the number of Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition products. The company is distributed in over 200 countries by headquarters in the USA. There are operates through 6 territories around the world.
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For instance, the company gains Best Corporate Citizens Awards in 2016 by Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s (Colgate 2016) Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has a great impact on the performance of a firm. This can be explained that the businesses decide to apply CSR strategy to building brand awareness to their customers. That means CSR might seem to be designed for the determination of a good way to manage marketing communication to customers for completing crucial purpose (Varadarajan, R 2010). In terms of the CSR activities, Colgate can be provided benefits and core values for the organization. Especially, Colgate creates three positive ways through the Colgate’s sustainability strategy to emphasis on the company’s objective, there are the product, people, and planet. These ways lead the Colgate has enhanced a competitive advantage which comprises of improving production efficiency, driving customer excellence, and building brand awareness and

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