Case Study Of Arnott's Alcohol Cookies

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The main purpose of this essay is to introduce the Alcohol cookies will not affect drinking habits. At first, the report details the background of Arnott's alcohol biscuits and New Zealand’s problems with alcohol. In the second part, it will talk about four moral ways, combined with Arnott's alcohol biscuits problems to make the appropriate explanation. Finally, summarize how Arnott can correctly deal with consumer advice, thereby increasing market value. “As many as 1,000 people die each year in New Zealand as a result of alcohol abuse. At least a third of all police recorded offenses are committed by an offender who has consumed alcohol prior to committing the offense. Police estimate that each day in New Zealand, an average of 8,764 breath …show more content…
Many people think Arnott should not produce such products. “ADF spokesman Geoff Munro said We are care that the effect will be to familiarize children with the taste of alcohol way before they needed to think about drinking alcohol.” (Attacked, 2014) But for Arnott, the product is trying to get back to its market share, increase sales, and get more revenue. But in many of the opposition, there are still some female consumers interested in this product.
Arnott is in order to enhance the company's sales to produce new products and did not violate laws and regulations. “Maja Szarmach, brand manager for the Treating portfolio at Arnott's, emphasised the mocktail range was "virgin" biscuits, which means they didn't contain any of the alcoholic drinks that inspired them.” (Habits, 2016) But consumers do not believe what they say, that this product will have a certain impact on children. According to a data provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health in 2009, 85% of people aged between 16 and 64 drink alcohol, and the amount of alcohol consumed by young people is increasing. Some experts say that alcoholism is New Zealand's biggest health problem. As a result of alcoholism, New Zealand has killed as many as 1,000 people a
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Ethical egoism
As the competition in the biscuit market became more and more prominent, Tim Tam made a package and product update in order to better combat its opponents. But consumers think it is Arnott in order to better share market share and attempts to guide the market direction. As a result, Arnott's new product did not meet its expectations but had a lot of negative impact on its

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