Case Study Nike Essay

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Amanda Merkatz
Management 301-02
Case Study 11

1. How does Nike’s decision to retain an in-house arm of ad agency Wieden & Kennedy exemplify the concept of organizational design?

The decision to retain an in-house arm of ad agency exemplify the concept of organizational design, makes you look at how both companies interpret organizational design. Organizational design is the process of creating structures that accomplish the company’s missions and objectives. First looking at the text, you interpret the Nike’s mission is to design products that will have an outcome of a positive image and that positive image will encourage consumers to purchase Nike products.
This shows you that Nike’s image is one of the most viable and
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2. Given the problems Nike has had with sweatshop labor being used by some of its foreign contractors, are there parts of the firm that need to be run with a mechanistic rather than organic design? Give examples to support your answer.

In my opinion, Nike should run with a mechanistic design rather than organic. They should do this because when looking at the manufacturing departments that Nike employs it is common knowledge that they companies may not provide nor have the basic necessities that would be implemented by labor laws. Now, seeing that mechanistically control is exceedingly bureaucratic is only proves that this needs to happen within outsourcing departments. Nike should have more restricted limits of control to keep them on task when employing these realities of outsourcing. The association with sweatshops is a big deal alone, and Nike is being accused of allowing then to be employed within their company. Looking back at the question above, this would impact their mission of having a positive image as a while. Referring to the text: Nike refused and refuted to comments made by the critics. Nike will destroy their mission of wanting a positive image, when being associated with allowing sweatshops and unsatisfactory work conditions. When looking at prevention of this negative image, you would have to go to the employees who watch the outsourcing and construct and organize the business dealing with the

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