Case Study: My Experience As A Language Learner

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My experience as a language learner in my high school was more or less similar to the CASE STUDY 1. The teacher A reflects my high school language teachers and most of other English language teachers in my country at present. I have chosen this case study because I can relate to this and this is a common problem in my country. The medium of instruction has been a major issue in Nepalese education. I have included my personal experience, suggestions from my colleagues from the forum posts and some articles that I read recently.

The problem with in the Case Study
The problems, I think, are listed below:
• Medium of instruction (content vs. language)
• Observation stages (pre, during, post)
• Observer-teacher relationship
• Classroom management
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However, the teacher A doesn’t seem to bother teaching in target language. He seems to be teaching content rather than language. The lesson is more monolingual than bilingual. The aim of the lesson, I guess, is teaching English Language, but the teacher misses the point.
Observation stages: The case study reads ‘there has been no possibility of meeting them personally before the observations.’ This is an awkward situation. The observation clearly misses the pre and post observation meeting.
Observer-teacher relationship: Even though the teacher A does not acknowledge the observer’s presence, he seems confident in what he is doing. There is no classroom management issue. The teacher B acknowledges the observer’s presence and apologises half-way through the lesson. There is no mutual relationship between the observer and the teachers. The observer is perceived as an intruder.
Classroom management: The teacher B cannot handle the class. There can be many reasons: ‘the learners do not know how to react when there is a new person in the class’ or ‘they do not take the teacher’s threat to send them out seriously as the observer’s presence have given them confidence’ or ‘she does not have basic classroom management

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