Case Study : Management And Organizational Dynamics Essay

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Leadership Case Analysis
Pearci Bastiany
Prof. Henderson; Management and Organizational Dynamics
Leadership Case Analysis
Josie Walsh is the CEO and President of Providence Healthcare, and has been serving in that capacity since 2001. Ms. Walsh first came on board with Providence Healthcare in 2001 as Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive. After the 2008 global financial crisis, Providence Healthcare was in decline. As vice-president, Ms. Walsh possessed two types of power: Legitimate and Expert; that she used to work on recovering the value of the company. Ms. Walsh utilized a very effective influence tactic--collaboration-- to re-energize her employees, and re-focus their efforts on finding a way to improve patient flow in their hospitals.
When Josie Walsh was added to the Providence executive team, she already carried an impressive resume. She has a Masters degree in Health Administration and is a certified health executive with years of healthcare experience. That knowledge gives her Expert Power due to her experiential credibility, and provides her with the platform to speak directly to the Board of Directors. Throughout the process of brainstorming ideas with her team, Ms. Walsh carries Legitimate power from her position. She has the ability to assign tasks to her team or other subordinates as long as it is within the scope of their job description.
Ultimately, she sought to implement a new patient-focused management style called ‘Transformation by Design’. The…

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