Case Study: Innovation at Google Essay example

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No doubt that Google's success is based on innovation the opportunity and the future vision for business, but also the ability to use the tools available.
In this sense, Google shines in the time of communicating. It has made its official blog, a tool used by many companies, is consulted daily by thousands of people, both media used as a source or for any kind of Internet users eager to learn more about the leader of the Network.
Not many years ago, doing some Memory, I remember when a friend observed that I was looking for information on yahoo said "I'll show you a page that we used in college and it shows better results, but do not tell anyone because it is a secret, "but the word" secret " made the
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Many hundreds of thousands of publisher partners, large and small, take advantage of tools like Google AdSense to generate revenue from their content. To help marketers to analyze their campaigns so that they are more efficient and effective, offer measurement tools like Google Analytics.

And, what about the future?
The future of advertising will be dominated by the video online and by 2015 50% of advertisements are based in this interactive format, according to the vision that Google has set about the future of advertising.
According to forecasts of Google, 50% of advertising campaigns through the Internet ad formats include video on the metric cost-per-view, ie cost per viewing, which means that the user may choose to see or not the announcement, and the advertiser will only pay for viewing time users.
Similarly, like most of the content and current news on the web can be commented, shared, or discussed, in 2015, 75% of online ads are "social" and may also be shared through dozens of formats, sites and social communities.
Over the next few years, Rich media advertising will experience a major change. Although through this type of formats can achieve greater creativity and the ability to interact with users, these ads now account for only 6% of total online ad impressions. But growth will increase by 50% in the case of advertising campaigns and ads that aim

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