Essay on Case Study : Head Chef Position

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Head chef position
Head chef have a numerous workload in the kitchen, thus they always work nights, weekends and even holiday to ensure they can maintain the operation of kitchen at any time. Mostly they are working in back-of-house to make sure the restaurant meets all the requirement. Pratten 2013 states that head chefs have an overall responsibility for completing the strategies of restaurant and assuring that customers receive their ordered dishes in time with the most appropriate quality. For this position, candidates, who have already trained of the college course in food preparation and hygiene, are priority (Pratten 2003). Their duty are shown below:
• Producing an excellently tasted meal
• Planning menus
• High standard of cleanliness and hygiene
• Managing stocks of food
• Recruiting, training and leading team staff.
Recruitment strategies
• Social media
Nowadays, social media provides a platform to broadcast the job to more people (Anand 2010). Over 95 percent of job seekers use the internet to source jobs, and over 40 percent say the internet is their preferred method (Podmoroff 2005). People can go through the website to understand more about company’s culture and see company’s criteria.
• Head hunter
We tend to use the employment agencies for exploring more about the number of available candidates and their specialisations. Private consultant can be positive for hiring new Head Chef since it provides VDE opportunities to tailor its own specific needs,…

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