Case Study Of Hatchi & Co.

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Executive Summary

We live in a world where technology is consumed in our everyday tasks. I would like to create a company that focuses on the welfare of animals by incorporating technology. Hatchi & Co. is an animal kennel that provides boarding for families on the go and care for abandoned animals. Hatchi & Co. leaves no animals outside to suffer, we take pride in being a no-kill shelter. Well, try our best to save all animals lives and restore them back to good health for adoption in the future. Since, my wife works for a medical stimulation technology company, that specializes in a video recorded medical re-enactments. I’ve learned that stimulation equipment teaches students and medical professionals how to prevent deadly accidents from
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We strive to foster these animals in our facility, cage-free until we can find them permanent, loving families. We also aim to provide 24/7 quality care during boarding and to increase the well-being of all animals.
Visions Statement
Our Vision Statement is to reach the highest level of medical and business excellence through education and client satisfaction. Our aim is to be the most trusted and respected pet care provider in our community by providing comfortable boarding, the latest technology in medical care and providing outstanding customer service to every animal that comes to Hatchi. Co.
Market Analysis Summary
Hatchi & Co. will rely on traveling professional families with a schedule that has a heavy travel demand. As well as stray animals in need of veterinary care and housing until a good family is located for them. Our target market will be those who are willing to invest in the 501(c) (3) and to help improve the conditions we see in our community, in reference to the safety of all animals’ and their habitat. It is imperative that we act and provide a way for every animal to grow and live their best
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Which means that all stray animals, clients, and animals with families checked into Hatchi & Co. will be greeted by one of the owners first. All animals will be provided with full physical exam evaluations upon newly arriving at the facility. This will allow the owners and physicians to know the current health of their patients. Furthermore, all stray animals will be quarantined, vaccinated and cared for appropriately upon arrival to the facility. This process will nurse them back to health for adoption. Also, we are a proud no-kill facility so, all animals are welcome, regardless of your financial situation and their health. Lastly, we offer outstanding services including providing top of the line grain free gourmet meals as a healthy nutrient based diet, and the comfort of temperature controlled kennels, monitored 24/7, with on-call

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