Down Syndrome Case Study

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The case I chose was Case 1 Down Syndrome Child with Intestinal Blockage and Case 2 Down Syndrome Child with Heart Defect. From chapter ten, allowing someone to die, mercy death, and mercy killing. I chose these two cases because they made me think more than twice on both situations. Rather to mercy the death of my daughter or to mercy kill my daughter out of my husband and my issues.
These two cases made my think more than twice on the situation. The first case is about a 38-year-old women giving birth to a baby girl. The baby girl had both Down syndrome and intestinal blockage. Baby’s often have down syndrome and intestinal blockage when women are over the age of 35. The women and her husband discuss about the baby’s health and life. They
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The first article is called “Us mom charged with death of Down syndrome son”. This article was about a woman who lived in Belle Chasse, Louisiana with her 17-month old son who had down syndrome, she was arrested and charged first-degree murder for injecting alcohol-based hand sanitizer into the feeding tube. She told Sheriff’s Commander Eric Becnel “I wanted to end Lucas Ruiz’s Suffering.”. The women also confessed that she poisoned her son in October 2012 while being hospitalized for heart defect treatment. The second article is called “Newborn’s Surgery Curs into Family’s Income”. This article is about a four month pregnant women wo was in a car accident. When she reached to the hospital she was checked and the doctor said that there’s a tiny dark spot in the fetus beating heart. With additional testing, the doctor warns the mother there may be a chance the child would have down syndrome. The doctor gave the women and her husband options including the option to terminating the pregnancy. The women refuse to have an abortion the baby. After six months later her child was born and she realized there was something wrong with her child. In the end of the labor her child did have down syndrome including heart defect. For the next several months later after many visits from the hospital they decide to have their child’s heart be repair. The mother gave up her job as a pharmacy technician to care for her newborn. They started to have issue with their household income and requested for assistance with the Ledger’s Newspaper with a Heart program. With this program the child was spending an entire month at the hospital and going back home. Medicaid paid for cost and with this the family income started to sank. With the income sinking the mother cut off everything that had a bill including cable and internet. Months later the child started improving after the following surgery, gaining weight and

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