Case Study : Dollar Store 's Business Plan Essay

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The Dollar Store’s business plan has many components which include the executive summary which details the company’s objectives, mission, as well as the company’s keys to success, the company summary, the company’s products, the market analysis summary, the strategy and implementation summary, the management summary, the financial plan, and an appendix for Dollar Store. The executive summary is the section you want to “hook the readers, especially in this section, by having a compelling opportunity where you can identify a need or opportunity in a large and growing market, conceptualize a business that will fill that need or take advantage of that opportunity, and demonstrate that you have the know how and the team to effectively build a profitable and sustainable business or identify how you will create such a team” (Spinelli, S., Adams, R. J., & Timmons, J. A., 2012, p. 249). Dollar Store’s executive statement includes the company’s objectives, main mission, and keys to success. The next section is the company summary. This is where you “describe generally the concept of the business, what business your company is in or intends to enter, what products or services it will offer, and who are or will be its principal customers” (Spinelli, S., Adams, R. J., & Timmons, J. A., 2012, p. 257). The company summary houses very important information to the investor as well as the customer. This is where they really get to know the business and what it is that they have to…

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