Case Study : County Department Of Public Health Essay examples

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After reading the case study: County Department of Public Health: Organizing for Emergency Preparedness and Response that there were various structural dilemmas facing the Public Health Department at Penville County. The previous efforts made to address the challenge of preparing for bioterrorism and other large-scale health emergencies did not effectively handle these issues. After the federal government passed the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 there was an additional income of $3 million provided to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and a portion of that amount went to Penville County. However, even with this revenue, four key areas of the organization faced critical issues. These four issues, human resource factors, process issues, relationships with key external agencies, and technology issues, dealt with structural dilemmas of gaps, overload, lack of clarity, irresponsibility, differentiation and integration. Bolman and Deal (2013) discuss gaps in organizations as a problem due to the lack of when "key responsibilities are not clearly assigned, important tasks fall through the cracks " and this leads to a chaotic workplace (pg. 71). The first example of a gap in the Penville County Health Department is in relationships with key external entities. There was often miscommunication with departments within the Penville County Health Department and outside organizations. At one point, a large bus filled with sick…

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