Case Study: Bmw's Dream Factory And Culture

Register to read the introduction… Even before Claussen began pushing his architectural vision, others were busy designing the inner workings of the plant. Jan Knau, an engineer, was only 27 when he was asked to come up with a flexible assembly line for the factory. Knau, then just a junior associate, contacted BMW’s top 15 assembly engineers. He invited them to a two-day workshop at a BMW retreat near the Austrian Alps. After a series of marathon sessions that included discussions of every facet of the ideal assembly line, Knau sketched a design with four “fingers,” or branches, off the main spine. The branches could extend to add equipment needed to build new models. This made it possible to keep giant robots along the main line in place rather than moving them for each production change, an expensive and time-consuming process.The Leipzig plant opened in 2005. It represents Claussen’s vision of teamwork enhanced through design by Knau’s creative engineering concepts. With pillars of sunlight streaming through soaring glass walls, architect Hadid’s design looks more like an art museum than a car factory. Open workspaces cascade over two floors. Unfinished car bodies move along a track with enhanced lighting that runs above offices and an open cafeteria. If the pace of the half-finished cars slows, engineers know it immediately and can quickly …show more content…
There are many team members in our company who “work behind the scenes” to produce product, distribute product and generally support our retail team members and customers. Although they are not as visible as our retail team members, they are integral to the success of our business. Achieving unity of vision about the future of our company, and building trust between team members is a goal of Whole Foods Market. At the same time, diversity and individual differences are recognized and honored. We aim to cultivate a strong sense of community and dedication to the company. We also realize how important leisure time, family, and community involvement outside of work are for a rich, meaningful and balanced life. We must remember that we are not “Whole Life Market.” We strive to build positive and healthy relationships among team members. “Us versus them” thinking has no place in our company. We believe that the best way to do this is to encourage participation and involvement at all levels of our business. Some of the ways we do this are: • Self-Directed Teams that meet regularly to discuss issues, solve problems and appreciate each other’s contributions. Increased communication through Team Member forums and Advisory Groups, and open book, open door, and open people practices. Labor gainsharing and other Team Member incentive programs. Team Member Stock Options and Stock Purchase Plan. Commitment to make our jobs

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