Case Study : Bell 's Palsy Essay example

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Topic: Bell’s Palsy
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: To present the condition known as Bell’s Palsy to my audience, to include its description, etiology, demographics, diagnosis, prognosis, and the role of physical therapy in treatment.
Thesis: Facial nerve (Cranial Nerve VII) paralysis can be a disfiguring disorder with profound physical and social impact upon the patient. A common diagnosis related to facial nerve paralysis is Bell’s palsy.
Bell’s Palsy
I. Definition and Description:
a. Bell’s palsy (idiopathic peripheral facial palsy) is defined by the abrupt onset of unilateral weakness of upper and lower muscles of one side of the face with no apparent cause. (Johnson, Griffin, & McArthur, 2006) Bell 's palsy is named after Charles Bell, a Scottish anatomist who first described it in 1821, and published his findings in a Royal Society paper entitled "On the Nerves: Giving an Account of some Experiments on Their Structure and Functions, Which Lead to a New Arrangement of the System".
II. Etiology:
a. Bell 's Palsy’s etiology remains unknown, some studies have led people to believe that it is a mononeuritis cranialis or neuritis vestibularis induced condition by either a viral infection or an autoimmune disease.
Acquisition of these recent infections and diseases are all considered to be associated factors to possible episodes of facial paralysis:
1. Upper Respiratory infections
2. Ear infections
3. Epstein-Barr virus
4. Cytomegalovirus
5. Group…

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