Case Study Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis Paper

In the case of ABC Inc. and their new campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, it’s very clear that ABC Inc. needs to improve their current hiring process and training orientation procedures. He was not given the proper tools to help guarantee a smooth and successful first recruitment effort. The follow up by his supervisor, Monica Carrols, was inadequate or did not take place at all. If Ms. Carrols had been checking on Carl’s progress on a consistent basis then the hiring debacle could have been avoided in the first place. The person tasked with maintaining the training room schedule is also very ill equipped to do their job. When Carl learns that the training room is double-booked for the month of June, it is
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The first question that begs an answer is how on earth an employee could have added a person and their specific department to the log when one already exists for the entire month of June. The scheduling log must not have been posted on a place where all employees could have seen it easily or else someone probably would have noticed the over booking sooner. Again, a shared calendar would seem to be the best solution to this problem.
The first thing that needs to be done is to ascertain whether or not the training room can be shared either by splitting it into two sections or alternating each week of use for the month. If a compromise on the use of the training room cannot be met, then an attempt to determine which employee reserved the training room first is necessary. If there is no date listed by which the reservations were made, and no way to derive whom was first to reserve, upper management should decide which employee receives the use of the training room based on priority. This should be added to the scheduling log moving forward, so that the date of every reservation is documented and future scheduling conflicts can be resolved quickly.

Personal Responsibility
Despite his company failing him by not providing adequate tools and training to do his job well, the job of taking personal responsibility is failed solely by Carl

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