Case Study 2: Fauquier Gas Company Essay

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Case Name: Fauquier Gas Company I. Major Facts: In this case study presented by Hood (n.d.), Fauquier Gas Company is up against a timeline to supply a new construction project in the works where agricultural land was being developed into residential and commercial use. Fauquier Gas Company is looking for supplier to help with building of 3 ½ miles of new gas pipe that will go online by beginning of September. The manager of supply management Mr. Murphy is having trouble getting any purchasing request for the new pipeline from Mr. Charlie Buck and the specifications from the design team to know what he needs to order. This project is to be complete in the next five months to meet the new gasoline project. The vice-president of …show more content…
(Burt, p. 40) III. Possible Solutions:
a. The cross functional team should include Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck , Sam Law, Bill Murphy, and Clive Byers as they need to sit down with each other to get all the needed specifications and designs in place before starting this project. The advantages of having sit down with each other than sending emails back forth on new changes to pipe and coating could help with the much need lead time to fix or find a vendor to meet the new specifications. The emails going back-and-forth between Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wilson, which could possibly lead to a delay in completing the project. The team can design a plan of approach once the estimated time for delivery of the pipes to meet the requirements of 45-day project.
b. Mr. Murphy could possibly have too many additional functions that he performs as the supply manager for Fauquier Gas Company which could hurting him put his full effort into the cross functional team. The vice-president of operations might need to help Mr. Murphy during this time so he can get all the necessary material for the upcoming project. The vice-president of operations should focus on minimizing role conflict between functional and team assignments. Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck, Sam

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