Case Involving Motivation Problems – Hong Kong Avionics Essay

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Case Involving Motivation Problems – Hong Kong Avionics

I/ Case study introduction
This report analyzes motivation problems of HKA. HKA stands for Hong Kong Avionics. it researches and develops a new technology called “Very Fast, Very Accurate” (VFVA). HKA would like to recruit more staff. Prior to do so, they, however, hire an outside consultant to assess employee needs as well as the moral and overall effectiveness. The consultant studies HKA’s situation by observing HKA and interviewing its employees. She has written down her impression and observations of the company into 6 categories: facilities, meetings, work allocation, turnover, salary and benefits and offices and facilities.
After making those observations, the consultant
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In fact, often there is more than enough handling and processing of financial data. With the implementation of a corporate database, it is hoped that more of the processing can be centralized and automated. But the point is that the current emphasis on financials leads to the "unbalanced" situation with regard to other perspectives. There is perhaps a need to include additional financial-related data, such as risk assessment and cost-benefit data, in this category.
Strategy Mapping
Strategy maps are communication tools used to tell a story of how value is created for the organization. They show a logical, step-by-step connection between strategic objectives (shown as ovals on the map) in the form of a cause-and-effect chain. Generally speaking, improving performance in the objectives found in the Learning & Growth perspective (the bottom row) enables the organization to improve its Internal Process perspective Objectives (the next row up), which in turn enables the organization to create desirable results in the Customer and Financial perspectives (the top two rows).

To access the development Balanced Scorecard, the management staff should primarily
Addressing specific vision and business strategy
Identify groups to create results most closely associated with the vision and business strategy (eg, financial results, performance, production,

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