Essay on Case Involving Employment Sexual Discrimination

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Barry Bonds has not hired any women, although plenty of women have applied. His use of a sports trivia question to validate the candidate can relate to clients. If the candidate cannot answer the question, he does not hire them. Mr. Bonds is utilizing discriminatory hiring practices that has excluded the women candidates. Mr. Bonds’ actions has opened the firm to be sued for discrimination. A company utilizing discriminatory practices can potentially lose clients and give the company a negative imagine in the view of the public. A potential benefit for the women’s discrimination to come to light and possibly open up discussion of how to fix these discrimination practices.
Women are in a protected class therefore fall under the protection of Title VII of the Civil rights Act.
In a case involving employment sexual discrimination, “The decree is detailed and comprehensive and confers substantial benefits on the plaintiff class. It allows the assertion of some claims--based on acts of discrimination going all the way back to 1972, when Title VII became applicable to state and local government--that would otherwise be barred by limitations, even given the normal tolling effect of class actions. It requires the University to favor women over men in cases of equal qualifications in some circumstances.” (Rajender v. University of Minnesota, 1984)

Barry Bonds has not hired any females.
He utilized a sport question to base his hiring decisions, which…

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