Case Conceptualization : Cognitive Therapy Essay

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Case Conceptualization: Cognitive Therapy Much like most prominent theorist that came after Sigmund Freud, their initial drive was to enhance or disprove his theory of psychoanalysis; Aaron Beck was no exception. Going up in an environment with a depressed mother and anxiety and phobias of his own, Beck worked hard to disprove his own negative assumptions that he was not good enough due to his illness. While his initial major was English and political science, Beck instead turned his attention to the medical field (Murdock, 2013, p. 315). Along the way his focus changed again, and through this period Beck became interested in psychiatry, especially focusing on studies surrounding depression. Although Beck began his observation from a psychoanalytic perspective, he began to question Freud’s claims in terms of patients suffering from depression. Freud’s assumption was that patients suffering from depression was, “…anger turned inward” (Murdock, 2013, p. 315). However, through his research on the matter, Beck discovered that:
…depressed patients’ dream lives were filled with less hostility than those of non-depressed patients, and further, that in their dreams patients were generally “rejected, deserted, or thwarted,” by others. He thus decided that instead of suffering from anger turned inward, these patients were suffering due to an exaggeratedly negative view of themselves, their world, and their future” (Thoma, Pilecki, & McKay, 2015, p. 429).
This new development helped…

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