Case Study: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory

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Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory:
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral theory is the combination of Trauma therapy and Cognitive behavioral theory. CBT is the combination of cognitive theory and behavioral theory. Cognitive theory is focused on the client’s beliefs, assumptions, expectations and ideas about the causes of events (Walsh & Corey, 2013). While behavioral theory focuses on the observable behavior of a client (Walsh & Corey, 2013). Yet, when they two are combined it allows for the client to work through both behaviors and cognitions. Trauma theory has the goal of working a client through their traumatic situations. The goal is to have the client be able to tell their story and be able to process through the trauma. When
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During the being of this phase Kelly and her therapist would establish a trusting relationship. Trust is key when working with teens who have been exposed to or have experience trauma. During this phase the therapist would validate Kelly’s pasted coping skills. However, she would than follow this up by encourage Kelly to think of new was to cope with her stress, pain and feelings of sadness. One way that this new plan could be created is through the ABC model. The ABC model is used to make the client aware of their automatic thoughts and to work toward modifying those thoughts (Walsh & Corey, 2013). The ABC model would allow Kelly to break down the situation and the feeling/behaviors that lead herself harm. She would be able to identify the problem before going toward self-harm as a means to dealing with the …show more content…
If Kelly had been afraid to open up about her past, she may have felt that TF-CBT was to focused on just her trauma. This could have caused Kelly to stop treatment because she would have felt that she was unable to see past that piece of her story. Had Kelly wanted to only focus on one issue at a time TF-CBT would have been too much of an overload for her. Also TF-CBT is a long therapy, it can last up to 25-30 sessions of 50 minutes, this is a long time for a teenager, she may not want to have to participate in that many sessions. This is why Solution-Focused Theory may work better for Kelly in the

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