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CASE: BLOGS AT DrKW * Should Rangaswami initiate internal blogs within DrKW? If so, how? How about externally facing ones? Who, if anyone, should be encouraged to set up an external blog? They are already having internal blogs at DrKW. Goal was to diffuse news, opinions, knowledge and improving collaboration within the bank. The first blogs started in 2003, first 15 months they had 30 blogs with 100 postings a month. End of 2004 they had 331 blogs with 180 postings and over 350 comments.

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How can you ensure that what you read in a blog is authorative, up to date etc.?
You have to know that blogs can be written by anyone so the content doesn’t have to be true. It is his or hers opinion. However, with policies and guidelines you can ensure that the content does not contain items that could damage the reputation. Also if something is not true, you can place a comment on it. Or when you have a group that reviews the blogs first, they can leave out the untrue blogs.

* To what extent would you agree that the use of corporate blogs is a “hype” without real, enduring benefits?
With all the new technologies and increasing popularity of the Internet and social media I think these blogs and web-based communication is the future. It has benefits from free marketing.

* What do you think are the most important elements of wiki technology?
* It lets groups of people collaboratively build Web sites
* You don’t have to know HTML or Web-authoring software
* Anyone with access privileges could edit
* Many wikis also contain other “social media” features, like blogging and RSS feeds
* You can easily place new messages about events, for example the training schedule.
* Educational purposes (like internal wikipedias)
* You should have help and support on how it works

* What’s the philosophy of wikis? What, if anything, do you (dis)like about it?
Wiki is a website that allows the visitors to easily add,
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