Case Analysis : Westerly At Kauflauf Gmbh Essay

948 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
This case Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH, Westerly was an assistant product owner of CRM at Kauflauf, she wanted to put a new guidelines for Kauflauf which was let sales change their target market to get more profit, but this plan will reduced some sale’s time spent with small customers and reallocated it potential high sales volume customers. This guidelines got approved by her boss Tim Roeder, but other managers did not support her. Because these managers did not want to gave up their loyal customers who are the mainly customers group in Kauflauf. Westerly felt disappoint with this decision, but she did not gave up. She talked with other people inside the company to collected some date and information to support his idea, then she visited different department to deeper the understanding of Kauflauf. After a few months, there has two managers endorsing her proposal, she need to developed this guidelines and submit it in a month after the next meeting.

After reading this case, I think Westerly is good employees as her job as assistant product owner at Kauflauf, and she can do this job better. For Westerly, she is a is an American who are live in Germany as a child, that statues she has both of American and Germany culture. Base on this situation can give she a good foundation of intercultural at Kauflauf, she did not faced some culture different in her job. This is a good situation for her to work in German, she did not have too much language different and culture…

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