Case Analysis : Credit Union Essay

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Analysis Advia Credit Union (formerly First Community Federal Credit Union) was a strong financial institution at the time new leadership came on board in 2005. It was the role of the new CEO and leader, Cheryl DeBoer, to determine the strategic direction, vision of the credit union, to meet the mission of the organization. Understanding the current position of the credit union, in terms of current growth strategies, organizational capabilities and the mission were critical. It was at that time Advia Credit Union started to transform. Although Advia Credit Union had been positioned well in the past, there were many initiatives and strategies that needed to be put into place to position Advia for success in the future. The first step to change for Advia, was a look at the infrastructure, both human capital, in terms of management and employees, as well as the technology position. Advia had been a small community based credit union, and had not invested much in terms of depth in the management team or in the infrastructure for advancing technology, which was a necessity to maintain a competitive advantage for future growth. The new leader started creating her plan, by hiring new management and committing to a structured annual strategic planning process with the management team, board and supervisory committee. It was through this process that Advia started to transform and make some necessary changes to position the organization for future growth. During the…

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